Guest Lectures

7 September 2022   Exploring shareability networks of probabilistic ride-pooling problems  (Paper)
Rafal Kucharski, Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Krakow, Poland

10 June 2022   Multi-carrier energy systems
Buu-Van Nguyen, TU Delft, Fac. of EEMCS, DIAM

20 May 2022   Indirect influence in social networks as an induced percolation phenomenon
Xiangrong Wang, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China

13 May 2022   Secure graph embedding
Ward van der Schoot, TNO, Unit ICT

29 April 2022   Topological analysis of public transport networks’ recoverability
Renzo Massobrio, TU Delft, Fac. of CiTG, T & P

1 April 2022   Temporal network prediction and interpretation
Li Zou, TU Delft, Fac. of EEMCS, Multimedia Computing

25 March 2022   The Banking Transactions Dataset and its Comparative Analysis with Scale-free Networks
Akrati Saxena, TU Eindhoven, Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science

18 March 2022   Human Trafficking Interdiction Problem: A Data Driven Approach to Modeling and Analysis
Arunabha Sen, Arizona State University


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