Current MSc Students

Presently, the following students are doing their MSc Project with NAS and our partners:




Daily Supervisor

Thesis topic

Hanshu Yu Rob Kooij

Peng Sun Properties of Node Reliability Polynomials
Darshan Srinivas Piet Van Mieghem

Ir. Rogier Noldus Optimized user plane routing in 5G mobile communications network
Xinhan Liu Rob Kooij

Massimo Achterberg Non-Consensus Opinion Model with Byzantine Nodes
Tian Gan Piet Van Mieghem

Massimo Achterberg Spreading Processes over Adaptive Networks
Ashish Kumar Panda  Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc Multi-layer beamforming for reliability in Factories of the Future
Ioannis Manolopoulos Dr Eric Smeitink

Dr Edgar van Boven

Ivan Jokić

Node Vitality and Dynamics of a multilayer Dutch Municipality Network
Sandra Kizhakkekundil Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc 

Sjors Braam (TNO)

Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc 

AI/ML-based Resource Management of 5G Networks for Social XR Scenarios
Ayushi Kandoi Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc Maria Raftopoulou Radio Resource Management in Sliced and non-Sliced 5G RAN
Zheng Du Dr. Remco Litjens, MSc Prof.dr. Hans van den Berg (TNO)

Beyond 5G network optimization for Social VR applications


A list of former MSc students can be found here.


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