Edgar van Boven

Edgar van Boven studied electronics and IT at HTS Vlissingen. Though tempted to start an adventurous life as a pianist, he graduated in 1987. After military service as a sergeant in a telecommunications battalion, he entered KPN. Initially telephony dominated his career from various viewpoints starting with hardware & software engineering, via operational network planning to architecture & program management. In the late 90's he started to work on the evolution to voice over packet in the former Unisource Business Networks environment within KPN. In 2001, he entered the Delft University of Technology as a guest lecturer. Today Edgar is active in the area of network transition and life cycle management. Since 2006 he combined his work for KPN with an economic complex network thesis at the Delft University of Technology. In November 2013 Edgar defended his thesis and is now an Assistant Professor in the NAS department where he performed his PhD project.

Trans-sector Innovation Framework

Society and economy are divided into sectors e.g. healthcare, education and transport. Governmental laws and regulation control the game, founded on economic rules. Sectors and ministries tend to function as monoliths. Today increasing complexity and work stress discourage a bridging process. From a novel network vision and experience from the ICT world, this thesis focuses on a Trans-sector innovation process, taking the Netherlands as an example.

Objective of the Trans-sector Innovation Framework PhD project:

- Understand and describe the sector network architecture
- Discover sector specific and generic functions incl. sector specific language
- Find out if a generic sector layer model could be established
- Discover trans-sector isomorfisms and learn to transfer these horizontally and vertically
- Bring up some promising trans-sector innovations ideas and values

MSc Students

Mohammad Hosseini
Aarabi Krishnakumar
Steven Ngabonziza Rugemintwaza
Carolyn simmonds Zuniga
Lars de Jonge
Shahin Mesgar Zadeh
Wim van de Lagemaat
Jos Berière

Journal Papers

Unravelling 21st Century Riddles - Universal Network Visions from a Human Perspective, The Journal of The Communication Network 2007, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, Nico van Belleghem and Annemieke de Korte.

Conference Papers

- Towards Systematic Development of Trans-sector Digital Innovation, NG Infra 2009 Chenay, António Madureira, Edgar van Boven, Nico Baken.


- Trusted transactions transforming your life, FITCE 2008 , Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, Bert Feunekes, John Hoffmans, and Shahin Mesgar Zadeh.


Roadmap to Personalized Liquid Bandwidth, FITCE 2007, Warsaw, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, John Hoffmans, Willem Hollemans and Wim van de Lagemaat.


 - Renaissance of the Incumbents, Network Visions from a Human Perspective, eChallenges 2007 The Hague, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, and António Madureira.

Virtual Mobility enabling Multi dimensional life, FITCE 2005 Vienna, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, Ramin Hekmat and Ludmila Menert.


A Four-Tiered Hierarchy in a Converged Fixed-Mobile Architecture enabling Personal Networks, FITCE 2004 Gent, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, Frank den Hartog and Ramin Hekmat.


- Broadband Infrastructures and Services - Trans-sector thinking, the difference between a Benefical Sector or Tower of Babel, FITCE 2003, Nico Baken, Edgar van Boven, Rob Reitsma.


Conference Presentations


Promoting multi-actor services, Business transformation strategies, TMForum 2007 Nice, Nico Baken, Jos Berière, Edgar van Boven, and Harm Mulder.


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